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New HV Office email address

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POSTPONED - Tuesday, January 31

Emergency Board Meeting

Meeting will be rescheduled so that the proposed budget options can be equally represented and discussed. Thank you!

 Bi-Monthly Board Meeting - 6:00pm

2nd Wednesday (2/8, 3/8)       4th Thursday (2/23, 3/23)

Zoom Meeting ID:  845 4556 4554

(253) 215-8782


If you have an issue that you would like to have addressed or if you have any questions, please contact the  Board at [email protected]  or on our community Facebook page.

View adopted HVC Resident Non-Interference Policydownload PDF

Upcoming Meeting Agenda - TBA

President Report

Secretary Report: Approval of minutes

Treasurer Report: Financials

Operations Manager Report: • Electrical Work update - RV side  •  Security Camera installation update • Electrical work necessary on MH side – site by site assessment.  • Trash/recycling receptacles – do we need more, have room?

Review: of a Bylaw, a Community Rule or section of Lease Agreement:

This month we are reviewing the rule notification process which COULD lead to an eviction.

8. Rule Violations

a) When a resident or a resident’s guest violates a rule, as determined by the Property Manager, the Board shall determine whether or not to also impose a fine on the resident and the amount of the fine. If the Board decides to impose a fine, the maximum fine for the first violation shall be $50, and the maximum fine for a second violation shall be $100.

b) A second violation may result in a fine or lease termination at the discretion of the Board

c) If the Property Manager determines that a violation constitutes a material (significant) violation of these Community Rules or the Space Lease, the Board may vote to proceed immediately to terminate the resident’s Space Lease and proceed to eviction, subject to compliance with the Space Lease. A violation that may be considered material/significant includes, but is not limited to, a reasonable belief that the homeowner or someone in the household (including a pet) has seriously injured someone, threatened someone with serious harm, done substantial damage to someone else’s belongings or committed an act 10 “outrageous in the extreme” in or near the community. Outrageous in the extreme acts include, but are not limited to, illegal drug dealing, the manufacturing of illegal drugs, burglary and sex related offenses. If the Board determines that a violation is a material/significant violation of the Community Rules or Space Lease, then there shall be no opportunity for the resident to cure the violation.

d) Residents who resided within the community prior to the Cooperative’s ownership of the community may be granted relief from a Community Rule when compliance would subject a resident to immediate financial hardship. A resident must describe the immediate financial hardship to the Board in writing.

The process we have used that could lead to an eviction is:

1. 1st reminder notice with chance to cure,

2. 2nd warning notice with chance to cure where eviction is cited as a possibility,

3. 3rd notice giving a final date for eviction, where resident goes to court and can contest the eviction and argue their case. The old owners could evict without cause as a private party, but HVC as a Cooperative does not do that.

Member-at-Large Report

CASA of Oregon:  CASA worked closely with Housing Stability Council to advocate for an $8 million dollar grant to be used toward the purchase of Harbor Village. This grant was awarded in August 2022. • CASA also worked with our Senators to obtain a $2 million dollar grant through HUD. These monies will be used toward the infrastructure improvements needed at Harbor Village. • Permanent Loan status; update on environmental checklist • Status of submitting all paperwork to HUD by EOM August • General cooperative member rent increase update.

Commonwealth: Status of Lease Agreement returns, Update on manager(s) search.

Old Business: Security patrol – report out. Key cards – are we going to do this or wait?

New Business: Licensing enforcement for RV’s. • LED sign in office • Boat storage area & disposition of abandoned RV in this area

• Discuss new, higher monthly rate for non-members (those who haven’t returned their lease agreements). • Leases due Friday, Sept 2, 2022

• Voting tabulation committee • A mobile home park in the Taft portion of Lincoln County has gone up for sale. Several of the residents

have contacted us for help about the process of purchasing a mobile home

Special Update, new Managers home & vote:

Acquisition by abandonment of MH #4 was discussed in several Board meetings. • MH#4 is immediately adjacent to the office and laundry • All state laws were followed in the abandonment process • Home was considered uninhabitable, narrow paths to walk through contents of home, rotted floor, rotted food, black mold. • More suitable accommodations than that found in current manufactured home are required for park managers, standard in industry • Park managers must be qualified and be employees of the management company • Email sent to all residents (except 12, with no email address) on Aug 8 with details. • Email stated that residents must vote to expend funds to rehabilitate MH#4 • Email stated that residents must approve UP TO $100k for rehab AND to remodel current manufactured home into a community center • Email stated that the work on both structures would not proceed until permanent funding is in place • Harbor Village Facebook administrator, Jim Watson, reiterated many of the points from the email after residents started posting inaccurate information on FB. • FB post also stated that a qualified non-profit had been contacted to empty the home of all debris and unusable furniture in exchange for taking all the contents that they could use. • Video of the inside of MH#4 posted to FB group, AFTER home had been cleared of debris but before usable contents removed by non-profit to show how unstable the floor is. • Voting to authorize UP TO $100k for the rehab and remodeling commenced on August 17, 2022 using SurveyMonkey and paper ballots AS WAS USED IN THE LAST Board of Directors voting process. The majority of residents prefer using Survey Monkey. A locked ballot box was mounted outside of the office for returns. Voting closes on August 31, 2022

• A voting committee of five resident volunteers has been established to count the votes and certify the results.

Board will go into executive session immediately following the meeting.

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